What Granite Colors Complement Your Kitchen?

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granite colorsKitchen Renovations Call for Granite Colours

A full kitchen renovation can cost you thousands of dollars and take months to complete. Not to mention kitchen remodeling makes the most used room in the house un-operational for as long as the project takes to complete. But, installing a granite countertop in your kitchen can completely change the look of the room and can be done in as little as one day.
Granite is a natural stone and the advantages of a granite countertop are endless. One of the most durable materials available, granite is resistant to bacteria, which is essential since the counter is where food is prepared. Other benefits of granite include:
  • Visual appeal – the elegance of granite counters is unmatched by any other material
  • Variety – there are over 3000 colors and textures to choose from
  • Low maintenance – granite has a long life and is easy to clean using only a mild cleanser or a low PH stone cleaner
  • Resilient – granite won't chip, crack, stain or blister from heat, as long as the counter is properly sealed, granite can withstand heavy use and abuse
Granite countertops can increase the value of your home and update a living space. Installing granite counters in your kitchen is a decision that you won't regret.

Discover the Colors of the Granite Rainbow

Granite countertops come in an assortment of colors and patterns from blacks to blues, greens to beiges, creams and silvers, there is a color for every style. It is a personal preference what granite color to go with, but it is also important to consider how the color will complement the décor of the room. Some helpful tips to keep in mind when choosing a kitchen countertop color are:
  • Dark coloured countertops can make the room look even smaller if it is not a big area
  • Countertops should contrast the cabinets for a more visually appealing look
  • If the room receives a lot of natural light, a darker granite will show more sparkle of the stone, especially if cabinets are also dark
  • The granite countertop should complement the color of the walls
  • Look for granite colors that will harmonize with kitchen appliances
  • Select granite counters to enhance the floor texture and color
Often black or grey granite paired with lighter cabinets will go better with contemporary spaces and give the room a classic and sophisticated look. White and ivory granite can brighten up a more traditional kitchen. Greens provide a more laid back vibe. But if you are remodeling with granite with the hope of selling your home, it is best to stick with neutral colors since they will generally appeal to most tastes.
Serious thought must be given to the granite colors you choose, considering that a granite countertop is usually the centerpiece of the kitchen, so having it blend in with its background probably isn't ideal. Regardless of the color you go with, there is no wrong direction to take. Achieve a timeless look by installing granite counters in your home.